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Choose Life

Do Your Thoughts Trouble You?

Do you struggle with negative thoughts?  Do you ruminate over the past or worry about the future? Do You have a lot of stress in your life?  Would you like to have a more positive, contented life?  Neuroscience teaches the power we each have over our thoughts which in turn impacts our health and wellness.     

Choose Life

Choose Life combines scripture and neuroscience for a unique program that is designed to enhance life and promote health and wellness in body, mind and spirit.  We are able to transform ourselves through the renewing of the mind.  Choose Life helps to reduce stress, anxiety and depression. 

And Live

Live a fulfilled life as you were meant.  Our brains are designed to transform us by the renewing of our minds.  Our mind, through the interpretation of the world around us, is in charge of our body, thoughts, emotions and spirit. By being in charge of our thoughts, we can have a positive effect on our health and well-being.  Learn to train your thoughts to improve your response to life events and develop a more peaceful and contented attitude towards life which will impact your overall health and well-being.  Being the captain of your thoughts allows you to Choose Life and Live.   


Choose Life is available through as an e-book or paperback or A hardcopy spiral bound version is available upon request.

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